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watched AI4 last night, brought back memory of an old favourite...by Roy Orbison...


I was all right for a while
I could smile for a while
But I saw you last night
You held my hand so tight
When you stopped to say hello
you wished me well
You couldn’t tell that
I’ve been crying over you,
Crying over you and you said so long
Left me standing all alone,
Alone and crying, crying, crying, crying
It’s hard to understand
But the touch of your hand can start me crying

I thought that I was over you
But it’s true, so true
I love you even more than I did before
But darling, what can I do?
For you don’t love me
And I’ll always be
Crying over you, crying over you

Yes now you’re gone
And from this moment on, I’ll be crying, crying, crying, crying
Yeah, crying, crying over you


and OMG Bo did such a beautiful job without the help of the musicians or a band...hope he will win this season, for once, i actually love the voice of a rock and roll artist!!

within a dream

when i'm down, feeling low
and confusions touch my soul
how i need some place where i can hide away
so let me fall within your arms
melt away this cold and fear
coz all i need is to hold you tonight

hold me close when i am cold
let me hear your beating heart
close my eyes far away in our dream
and the morning when i wake
and i'm blessed by God's grace
just to open my eyes
and see your face
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