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life lesson

how can anyone has the heart to pull the trigger and shoot a 3yo boy in the head...for money and what...to shut him up from crying??????? fuck the scumbag lower than worms and all other scums to HELL to be burnt and rot for ETERNITY!


three years.old ... that is gabe's age this year october...when you hear of such stories of children of similar age group suffered, or see photos of suffering children like the one posted by Mong, i can't help but to place gabe's face on each of them, then your heart will break being in the shoes of their parents...you feel helpless...useless...after awhile you become numb....

may that little Canadian boy, rest in peace, am sure he is now safe in the arms of God and His angels but missing his parents, friends and family very much...and may his parents and family, find peace, love and comfort in our loving heavenly Father...strength to grieve and to move forward...

and the rest of the children and the teachers, hope and pray that emotional healing will be upon them...their fear will be replaced by peace and joy....that they will live the rest of their lives in victory and not in defeat!!

life is too short and unpredictable...lesson to self....please do not take time for granted, treasure your loved ones, go back to give gabe more hugs, kisses, and appreciation....more tummy rub for little kris and learn to stop calling the two "accidents" but rather "blessings"....and not to forget your darling hubby who occasionally appreciate some TLC too....

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