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back to tingkat dinner

i have ordered tingkat dinner for the coming 4 weeks (monday to friday) for 20 days, from this catering service called Lexin, http://www.lexin.com.sg/ it will cost almost $10 for two persons...although not much difference if we were to pack from the foodcourt, but...at least it will save us the time to do so ourselves, instead of coming home, then ming will have to go outside again to pack dinner while i shower gabe etc., we will have food ready at home waiting for us...

the only concern is the delivery time, the latest time they can drag the delivery time is 6pm plus for our area...which means we will have to heat the food up in the microwave when we come back...

i also hope the smell of the food right outside the door will not drive the greedy beagle too crazy and further decorate our door with her wonderful art work...trying to break out of the place to promote herself to be the family's food tester...

we had bad experience with tingkat dinner before...most of the time the food was too oily, cold by the time we came home to bring them into the house, or worst, things like curry chicken would be spoilt! this one was recommended from AP yahoo group/listing...some parents claimed that the food was cooked with least salt and oil...so keeping my fingers crossed that it will work...

oh well...we have 20 meals to try out...

thanks to ezratitus who recommended the confinement food catering service, http://www.confinement.com.sg/ this place also caters for tingkat dinner...after baby kris is born i am going to cater from them not only the confinement meals (for lunch and dinner), but the tingkat dinner for ming and gabe as well...this seems to be cheaper than Lexin, and it will give me further discount on the confinement meals...why not? so there, confinement meals and dinners for the boys almost settled :)

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