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exercise (birth) ball

during the pre-natal class with four-trimesters (Ginny), had an opportunity to try out the "birth ball" (which really was any big exercise ball which we could get from places like world of sports, or so i was told)...it was surprisingly comfortable when you lie and relax on it...also fun to sit and bounce/roll on it...so now seriously thinking of getting one to get ready for the D-day....

walked pass a place (gosh...was it OTO or some other shop that sells gym exercise equipment) and saw one, went in to ask how much and to my surprise it costs like almost $60!! i am not sure if i should get one just to use one time during the labour, and then it will be sitting in the store-room until being discovered by the rascal when he is older....but if this is one of those things that help...well....

so...i was wondering....if anyone can advise where i can get one of these exercise balls for a cheaper or more reasonable price....appreciate any advise and comments :) thanks in advance...

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