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who is Jen??

got an sms yesterday from Lish l1sh that the husky boy whom Mark smokee_husky called "Womberdee " (or Lalala) had escaped!! i must say this pup was good ah, partially blind also can escape and the place has not one but two gates with padlocks!! was quite worried but there was nothing we could do but to hope for the best that he was picked up and cared by a kind soul...somewhere out there...

then Lish called today to ask me if i know this lady named "Jen", said that she is an LJ user who linked to Mark's journal from one of my journals (amy's journal "jinsiew02" most likely) to know about the puppies for adoption and where they were staying...so happened that Jen and friends were dining outside the shop when they saw the escaped husky and brought him home...Jen came back to the shop the next day or was it today to see Mark and Mark passed to them Lalala's medicines etc. from the vet...i am glad that husky boy is safe and sound, and found himself a good home and owner...but still...i am oh so curious...WHO IS "Jen"???? i looked thru the list of friends...i seriously have no idea!! mabbe one of the friends whom i only know by their LJ names??? alamak...i am oh so bad!! Jen if you happen to read this, please satisfy my curiosity but it is killing me faster than killing the cats!!!

also very happy to know that the beagle boy whom i was guilty for not taking along...has also been adopted the same night he was abandoned :)

and...last piece of updates from Lish...it is with mixed emotion that our dear brown husky gal, Mark named her "Wella" (or Lala), is also going to her new home either tonight or tomorrow night...ming and i were in love with that gal...ming has always dreamt of having a dog who can walk off-leash, obediently next to us...we had a taste of that when we doggie-sat a "singapore special" breed puppy called "Brownie" for a friend when she and her hubby went for a week long holiday...and after gaining Brownie's trust, even as a puppy he was so solid in his obedience and followed us closely everywhere, not like amy constantly distracted by anything and everything!! i guess when ming brought Lala across the two busy roads and she was sticking close to him so obediently it brought back memories of Brownie...but after much discussion we have decided not to take in another dog, esp. a husky, very high maintenance leh...then we were talking again last night and ming teased me that we would think again after baby Kris's full month....i went "what?? so long?? do you think Lala can wait that long??"....but i was tempted to call Mark and Lish if they can keep Lala till after baby's full month...LOL :D

but am glad that all three dogs so far have happy ending to the episode of them being abandoned...and are starting their new lives with their new homes...wish them all the best...and Lala or Wella (gosh i hope they will change the name *kidding* uncle Marky)...we will always miss you....

thanks again for your help with the three dogs, Lish, Mark and also not to forget Angelin and Alex :)

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