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changing the look...

of this blog...coz i am bored and dun feel like working...still have to do something so to pretend to work :p so started playing around with the layout and was initially falling in live with this layout...

cuteness attack!!

but it did not work out well somehow...also abit too pink for my liking i guess...so after playing around some more and still cannot decide on the final one...so here i am i need your opinion and vote for which one to change to...

1. default but with a different backround picture...

2. unearthed - craftis

3. unearthed - gainful magic

temporary using this...

4. dear diary

which one do you think i change to? ming likes the diary layout...cleaner...i do too just that it will not show the individual user pic (icon) for each entry...aiyah...fickle-minded me faced with too many choices...giving myself more headache...PLEASE HELP!! :)

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