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friends only...finally :)

after much nagging by my wonderful other half since this journal was born 2 years plus ago...it is finally locked, available to friends only...actually, for someone who is always paranoid about the Internet, it is a miracle the journal made it this far in public...but then again i never thot it would be a place to "pen" down my thots and our lives which really only revolve around the children...but it is getting more and more personal to continue to be in the public although i doubt anyone outside of my list of friends really ever read...except for close friends and family...so i have been thinking of going friends only for sometimes, for the protection of my kids...but it was always delayed by my sheer laziness...hehe...

so...if you will like to read on and is not on my list of friends in LJ, please leave me a comment so to help me to get to know who you are....

and...for family and friends who do not have an LJ account, but will like to continue to read and to know how the kids are doing once in awhile, email me on jinsiew@livejournal.com, i will email you the account details to login to LJ...

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