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re-homing my beagle, amy

i am in the process of searching for suitable home to re-home amy...too much struggles for too long...read my post in amy's blog if you are interested...also if you like to see photos of her, loads of them in her LJ jinsiew02

anyway, appreciate if you will check for me if you know of anyone or any family suitable, looking for a dog, meet the following conditions:

1. a home with existing dog(s) preferably beagles...so to keep her company....we dog-sit another puppy before when amy was younger, she really appreciated another 4-legged being at home to play with her...or...

2. a home with someone at home like 80% of the time...e.g. family with a maid/helper at home, retiree/elderly, SAHMs etc. so someone will be at home to keep her company...she seems to hate to be alone nowadays with her extreme fear of the rain and thunder...

do let me know...thanks so much!!

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