April 19th, 2005

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name for no. 2 again

this is week 20...which means i will be having the detailed scan this week and the gender of the baby will be more or less confirmed, i guess...the last scan at Dr. Paul he has kinda guessed that this might be a girl but he could not be sure without the detail scan...the dilemma of names for either a girl or a boy is the same...we have the english name for a girl, but not for a boy...but we have the chinese name for a boy, but having trouble coming up with one for a girl...i know i should leave the chinese names for the grandparents but this did not work when we first had gabe, they came up with all sort of funny sounding names and we ended up having to come up with the chinese name as well!! so i guess it will be the same this time...

came across a few websites for female chinese names and shortlisted a few...

i espeically like "Jia Li" (as gabe is Jia Jie, although gabe's Jia is "family" but close enough, i guess)...and "Hui Ying"...or i can jumpo them up and call her: "Jia Ying" or "Hui Li"....hmmm.....but i cannot decide which one of them sound better with the surname, "Lo"....appreciate any suggestion, thank you in advance :)

edited 2.30pm: thanks for all the replies and suggestions so far, got more choices now :) keep them coming!! the more the better!!

so now...i have added the following:

Jia Ying3
Ying3 Qian4 (just thot of this one myself)
Jia Hui
Jia Qian4
Jia Qian2 (as in sunny day??)ok...bad one, thanks Pris for pointing this out, it does sound like "add money" hahaha!!! :D i think i spell the "sunny day" word wrongly, should be "Qin2"?? so "Jia Qin"?

edited 9am 20th apr: thanks for more suggestions, advise and comments :) now we have strike off a few and added a few, the list of choices:

Jia Ying3
Jia En (grace)
Jia Qi(edit: thanks Pris for pointing this out, sounds like "holiday" LOL :D)
Jia Hui
Jia Qian4
Xin1 En1 (same "Xin" as the above meaning "happy")
Xin4 En1 ("Xin" here as in "belief")
Ying3 Qian4
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