March 1st, 2006

sibling play

thank you!!

thank you, Tracey claudiacheng for this pretty dress for kris :) i can't wait for her to be able to fit into it!! kekeke.... :) thanks for coming all the way to our pigeon hole and getting you lost along the and my poor sense of direction, my worst fear of blind leading the blind came was great to see you, even though the time was short...thank you again!!

and thank you, Kara kara_paradise for this very nice and comfy carseat!! gabe loved it the moment he saw it, when we went to fetch him and baby from the babysitter's place the day you brought it there to be passed to us, he was constantly sitting inside and kept asking if he could take this seat home!! :) i am sure your aunt gave this to you as a big big hint :p kekeke...but you know what, this item is only borrowed...we shall take good care of it and when your little one comes along, it will be in tip top condition for you still...with its safety features tried and tested...hehehe...
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