September 11th, 2010

what's that kris

more of the kiddo... 徐杰

i cannot imagine if this was my kid...i would make him sing me love song lullaby every night before bedtime...hehe :) since i am still stuck at work, took the time to listen to more of his beautiful voice...compared him to the original singers of the songs that he sung during the competitions...he actually sounded better than the original artists!! plug in the earphones, don't look at him, just play and is simply...heavenly....

98.6.9 鑽石夜總會 徐杰 情歌

98.10.11 鑽石夜總會 徐杰 路長情更長

98.10.11 鑽石夜總會 徐杰 心牆

98.3.29 徐杰 鑽石夜總會 隱形的翅膀
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