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Jin Siew

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LJ permanent account - tempting!!!

i have been paying about USD$20 every year for my LJ account now, like my yahoo email account, auto-deduction....

just came acorss this...


you pay USD$150 and never have to pay again....if i were to continue with LJ which i think i would...i would be paying that money for the next 7.5 years to maintain this account...

i wonder if i should get a permanent account instead...tempting...that will be close to SGD$250 - 300? is it worth the money??

ming is so going to kill me if he reads this haha :D

edited 10:50am - ming, can we also spend the money to sign up for this:


better than buying more tech books that will be outdated and to be used to place under the table's legs? haha :D

man...it is bad, this spending mood!!!! hope it is a phase that will soon pass haha :D

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