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went for a short tea break with my colleagues yesterday afternoon...and i was just lost standing in front of that fridge, blank, not knowing what i wanted to drink!! had too much coffee and milo so did not feel like it, nor did i feel like any canned soft drink either!!!! so in my fickle-minded state i went for my very first can of....

WHATEVER!!! something i thot i would never go for...

something yellowish/greenish color came out....my colleagues were curious and more brave than me, they took a sip first....it turned out to be chrysanthemum in flavour!!

then i learnt a trick to guess what is in these cans...ingredients list!!

i went back to the fridge to compare the different cans, true enough, ingredients are different...

there you go, my first (and probably the ONLY) can of Whatever :) unless...if i ever decide to be so damn fickle-minded again!!!! MAYBE....i might try Anything....

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