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this handheld fan cum torch light was gabe's...he got it from the party pack...which was broken by kris...he was so very sad and i felt bad for him....so...one fine day i went to this place for lunch with some colleagues and passed by a very interesting shop that sells all kinds of cute stuffs....

blue for gabe, pink for kris...so they won't have to fight over the same thing again...BUT today i took a good look at them again, and realised that i might not be able to give to them afterall....esp. with where the on-off switch is positioned...sigh!!!!! :( dilemma...should i give to the kids, esp. gabe???

i also could not resist to get this table fan for myself!!! yes...gross...but what the heck...you need a sense of humour in life sometimes...

have a good week ahead, everyone :)

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