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teachers' day

as usual, we are always very last minutes...tomorrow being the last day of school for the term, the boy left with this day to give his pressies for the teachers....so we made our way to IMM in the evening to see what we could find...we were hoping we could find something nice from Daiso...but...

we found these pre-packed teachers' day pressies in Watson instead :) how thoughtful of Watson!!! he chose the red set for his favourite aunty Sarah first...then the blue set for aunty Ivy....and aunty Joanne being his math teacher, i chose the calculator set for her...appropriate, right? :p

the pressies came with cards inside, so i got the boy to write...other than his own name, he could not spell any other words...i had to write the 'aunty' and all the names of the teachers in a separate piece of paper for him to copy....i seriously worry for him when he has to start primary schooling....

and...we found these in Daiso!!! gabe chose the white one for himself, while i chose the red one for his mei mei....so looks like the other two more 'exotic' fans will have to be kept till...their 21st birthday or...their wedding days? if they still work then....

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