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found a new drugs for sore throats!!

was feeling sick since sunday, think whatever virus the kids are having in their bodies finally got to ming, and me...was very grouchy on sunday...tired etc. ming got his usual headache...i finally got the kids to take their naps when i took a nap myself, woke up with this horrible sore throats!! could not sleep in the night, so finally gave up on sleeping at 4.30am, got up to send my boss(es) an email that i would be on MC on monday...went to see the doctor for MC...was too late to see my regular GP so went to see another one, whichever one that was still open with doctors not yet gone for lunch...this male doctor who did not have much thing to say, did not give me antibiotic as i have wanted as he said, "no need, no phlegm"...gave me something new, something i have not taken before...

some tablets for sore throats...since when they have tablets for sore throats only? i thought they only have lozenges which dun do anything except to add more sugar to your system....but they have drugs for sore throats!!

and it works!! :)

so...i just have to note this down for my reference next time when i go to pharmacy to stock up drugs and painkillers, i have to remember to get this as well!!!

Serratiopeptidaset Tablets 10mg
Tolpa Micro

it is a miracle...when my throats are no longer sore, my headache will soon be gone too....and life will go back to being good soon after....

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