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prayer for Burma

got the email from a Burmese colleague currently working London...


Dear Friends,

We have set up an online Fund to collect donations for Burma at http://www.freefoodfund.com and we hope that everyone will chip in to fight poverty and hunger on our city streets. For every $1000 collected we will give away rice and food in poor areas of Yangon. More details are written on the website. You can also help by:

- join our fund raising
- collecting donations for us
- help distribute food in Burma
- spreading the word about the website

We only collect monetary funds and you can pay by all major credit cards or paypal. Thank you.



dear God,

yes we believe all things, be it good or bad, happened for a reason...after all we have heard and read in the news on what is happening in the country, all the bloodshed and people getting killed and all...it is sometimes difficult to understand the reason why, or to find your hands of intervention among the chaos...it is heartbreaking...and it is so easy to point our fists at you upon hearing the many 'bad news' not only in Burma but the many parts of the world, and demand to know, "why, God, why???"...why did you allow it?

but we hang on to the faith and your promise...that all things work for the good for those who love you...that You are a loving God, not just by head knowledge from what we read about You in the Bible, but by personal experience and walk with you...how You have shown to me that You are real, You do love and care, even in the tiniest way...and hanging on to the belief that You do love and care for the people in Burma, even the monks who do not believe in You...

put all emotion and anger aside, we just want to cry out to You...for..

- for Your mercy, grace, forgiveness and healing to come upon the country...
- for peaceful resolution to the current conflicts...
- for healing to come to the people who are hurt, physically, emotionally, mentally...
- for those in authority to come to their senses and out of their selfish way...to have a heart and compassion, and to think for the people, not themselves....
- for the soldiers who may be following orders blindly and firing upon the innocent people...to come to their senses and stop killing and hurting their own citizens!!
- for the political prisoners to be freed...for the inner peace while they are going thru the trials and sufferings...
- for the villagers who have now turned refugees...please help them, esp. the women, the children and the elderly...
- for our friends who are currently living and working there, esp. for Elaine and her family ethanswee, for your protection and peace...esp. - for Elaine who is pregnant with her little baby inside...
- for Your blessings to be upon the entire nation...for salvation to come to the nation...

in Jesus's name...amen.
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