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the name game...

i shall try just becoz .... becoz .... of boredom??? and will use my last part of my name...

Your name: Siew
Four words: shit, suck, spa, saturday
State/country: Spain (one of the many places where i will like to visit...someday....in my dreamland...)
Boy Name: saddam (hussain?? yeap...) actually the "s" boy name i like is "Sebastian"...
Girl Name: spring (can or not...i like hippee environmentalist kinda name...if i had four kids and i had the liberty to name them whatever i like, they would be called spring, winter, summer, autumn...)
Occupation: social worker (my "dream" job...i think...)...of course there are also "sex workers" which starts with S...
Something you can wear: scarf
Something found in a kitchen: spoon
Something you shout: SHIT (with an "ooohhhmmm" i feel better now) !!!
Something you do at school: suntan (remove our socks and shoes during recess and lunch time to sun that part of our feet...in the hope to get rid of that line where the socks were)
Name of an animal: squirrel
Name of a drink: sprite
Name a holiday: sweetest day
Name a body part: sacrum

okie...i'm done...and i am still...bored :(

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