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before returning the blackberry to work

my high score for the game i so addicted to...bricks breaker...is...

21510, level 8 (i actually went thru all 34 levels and it went back to level 1, only more difficult with the ball going faster and the bricks descent down faster too...)

currently ranked #27592 when i sent to the internet my score :p crazee i know...just curious....

help, need help, need to get rid of this addiction....quick!

edited sunday 11:49am: after being on support duty this weekend and constantly having to check the BB in case of any issues...and of course playing...my new record:

score: 27020
level: 15 (after one round of 34 levels and back to level 1 onward)
rank: unknown...as having problem sending the score to the net...haha! 11586

i seriously have to stop this addiction and return the BB soon....

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