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Marley and Me: life and love with the world's worst dog

for someone who hardly the time to read books (excepts for computer related ones which i have no choice) and hardly the chance to step into bookstores to browse the grown up sections, only to look through stationary and children books, i picked up this book called "Marley and Me" by accident on new year's eve, while browsing and killing time in popular bookstore at bras basah, waiting for ming...and i am glad i did...

if you have not read the book before, go get a copy! i only had the time to read bits by bits, like in the MRT etc. and yesterday when the kids' grandparents arrived from malaysia and the kids were kept busy and entertained by them, i had almost the whole afternoon to myself at home just read and read...i laffed out loud so much that i had tears in my eyes...and when i finally got to the last few chapters on Marley's last part of his life journey, my tears could not help but kept flowing...gave ming a shock when he saw that i was crying and got him worried if he had done anything wrong, if he made me angry and sad by watching his latest craze anime "avatar"...

so many things in the book that i could relate to...esp. the part where they almost gave up on the dog when the wife just gave birth to the 2nd child, and with Marley's constant crazy behaviors that caused so much destruction and chaos to the home, which was already chaotic enough to start with with the arrival of the 2nd baby and an active birstborn toddler...the author's wife having to go thru post natal depression lost it so often she actually told her hubby to take the dog away and never come back...the difference is while they did not give up on Marley and tried harder to train him and all...i lost the will and gave up on mine...i wonder if i should have stick to keeping amy longer maybe things might get better...but then, looking at amy now being in a much better place than she would be with us...no regrets...

and no, i am not getting a "Marley" or "Amy replacement"...actually...after reading the last part, being so sad...brought back memories of the time when we said farewell to our family dogs in malaysia...i have decided that i cannot go thru the farewell nor do i want the kids to either....i think....

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