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johnny and the sprites - time to wake up

was spending "quality time" time with kris just now watching Johnny and the Sprites on playhouse disney channel...and the episode being shown was called "spring tuning", and the story was about how Johnny woke up the earth in the first day of spring, with his new song called "time to wake up"....

i heard the song and it sure caught my attention...was so surprised, that i could be so touched by God, thru this new song, and of all shows and places, from a kid's show! just so beautiful i have to share it here and keep it in my heart for as long as i can....and to be glad, be grateful and thankful for all that i have been given....no matter how down life can be sometimes...

i can't find the lyrics from the web...so i listened as best i could to write it down...hope i get most of them right...

Time To Wake Up

for such a long time
you've been sound asleep
the buds on the trees
the bobs and the crowns so deep
i look at the sun
and there's only one thing i can say
it's time to wake up, time to wake up
and greet a brand new day

the winter was cold
the nights were so long
now the birds have returned
and they're singing a spring time song
just feel the glow
and see how the snow has gone away
it's time to wake up, time to wake up
and greet a brand new day

now we're starring at growth (??)
as the rain water flows to the deep blue sea
just look up in the sky
you'll see butterflies flying so merrily
it's as beautiful as it can be
so wake up and enjoy it with me
the smoles (??) in their holes
the bees in their hives
it's days just like this
that make me glad i'm alive

there's one thing to do
come look at the blue sky that once was grey

it's time to wake up, time to wake up
and greet a brand new day
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