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song lyrics ~ Bright and Shining Star

heard this song during my uni days from an old children worship album by Vineyard Music, when i was attending Randwick Baptist Church...this song was shared by our housechurch leader, the album belongs to her...the little girl who sang solo for this, her voice was just so pretty, pure and full of innocence...it just captured your heart....have been looking high and low for this album for the longest time with no success...just want to note down the lyrics...as a reminder...

Bright and Shining Star
(Vineyard Music)

Lord I want to know,
All that I can know about You,
Lord I want to go,
Where You lead me I will follow.

Lord You are,
My bright and shining star,
And I know,
I'll never be too far,
From Your love,
You're showing me the way,
I just want to obey,
Oh teach me Lord I pray.
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