Jin Siew (jinsiew) wrote,
Jin Siew

some old classic favourites from Ah Mei...

unfortunately...embedding function was disabled especially for the concert ones so i can only link them...

1. She's Gone / Jie Tuo (解脫) - the version from my favourite concert...play it...close your eyes and just listen to the beginning "english" acoustic version, sang by 2 male guitarists/musicians, Jon and Martin, in duet...just beautiful...peaceful...

解脱 - 张惠妹

爱是不夜城 回忆像星辰
热泪越沸腾 我越感觉有点冷
变了心的人 越想越伤人
枯坐到清晨 阳光替房间开了灯

想 若结局一样 又何苦再想
伤, 若让人成长 我为什么怕分手的伤

解脱 是肯承认这是个错
你有自由走 我有自由好好过

解脱 是懂擦干泪看以后
这世界辽阔 我总会实现一个梦


the music video...

2. Ting Hai 听海

3. 哭不出来

Enjoy :) and have a good weekend to all!!
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