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TGIF: kate gosselin stuffs

not sure if you watch this show called "jon & kate plus 8" from TLC (or discovery home and health channel) about the Gosselin family with their twin girls and sextuplets...very very adorable kids...anyway, ever since the divorce of the couple i have been following on and off their news...mainly to get to know how the kids and the mother are doing. so i heard that the mother is now doing whatever jobs that come her ways, like her competing in this "dancing with the stars" show, etc. what amazed me was that there were so much hatred shown toward her on the internet etc. even the negative comments posted on her blog, Kate's Take, and this other fan blogging site...something i just dun understand or mabbe i haven't watched enough of the show to fully understand, where all these hatred came from...

some of these comments were esp. puzzling, considering that now kate gosselin is a single mum having to support 8 kids, financially, emotionally, etc...like some of the replies to the TLC editor's post on Kate's Take, about her two new upcoming shows, "twist of kate" and "kate plus 8" (yes, the kids will be back...even for specials, still good to see them...).

"We as a family can NOT watch Kate anymore!! She is destroying her family. She needs to start to BE A MOTHER to those children and STAY home and Love & raise them. They will only be little once.

Posted by: Gina | 04/08/2010 at 03:07 PM"

so ok...one question, she is now a single mother having to support her 8 kids, even with child support from her ex which we do not even know if he is paying or have the ability to pay...and you want her to STAY home??? so...are the people (like this Gina lady) who are asking her to do that, going to pay for the family expenses and the mortgage etc.? wow.. so generous lor...

ok...there may be things she did with her kids, which we had seen on the show, that may have shown some flaws in her parenting style...that she may be a control freak....but who am i to judge? i am just watching the show out of curiosity to see how she is coping with 8 kids, if she is coping at all, and i do not have the rights to judge if she was doing it right, like for example, to make her kids walked so long in their cowboys and cowgirls boots to the organic farm down the block of their home...mabbe she did not think it was so far and long a walk leh, since the farm was in their neighborhood? people make mistakes, esp. parents, we all make mistakes and we are no saints...we make mistakes, we learn and move on...just facts of life?

and also, while i may disagree with the way she had treated her ex husband, jon, on TV, like being disrespectful toward him, always cut him off, belittled him etc. i also saw in one special that she apologized and was sorry for those treatment toward him, on TV...ok, mabbe she faked it to make herself look better to the public...

i dunno...for me, the more important thing is that the kids have at least one parent in the family that can make enough money to continue to support them, and their lifestyle...at least they are not struggling financially...they have their basic needs satisfied (food, clothes, a home, schooling, etc.), even though they are seeing their mom less...she is a nurse by profession and if she really is going to go back to nursing, will she be able to support all 8 kids with that salary? really?

people of the internet who can go all the way out to hate someone whom they personally do not know, is what we in singapore will call "bo liao" (in the hokkien dilect)...too free got nothing better to do...like myself now, too "sian" (being TGIF) dun feel like working got nothing better to do than to blog about kate gosselin....haha :D

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