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世界中の誰よりきっと ~ 織田哲郎

thanks to Mag in_transit's sharing of this Cantonese duet...got me veg in front of the PC surfing youtube...listening to that song over and over again...

discovered the original Japanese version of the song...written and performed by Tetsuro Oda....original title "Sekaiju No Dare Yori Kitto"...bear with the beginning part of the video when the host spent sometimes to introduce the artist..but when he started performing the acoustic version of the song with his guitar...no words can describe just how beautiful it is...although i do not understand a single word...just mesmerized....enjoy :) so this is how i "unwind" after another crazy week of work, and having to work on saturday....found some other versions of the song performed by other Japanese artists, and am in love with this one by a Japanese band called WANDS...so beautifully sung almost made me tear...

Sekaijuu No Dare Yori Kitto

Mabushii kisetsu ga kin'iro ni machi wo somete
Kimi no yokogao sotto tsutsundeta
Mata meguriaeta no mo kitto guuzen ja nai yo
Kokoro no dokoka de matteta

Sekaijuu no dare yori kitto atsui yumemiteta kara
Mezamete hajimete kidzuku tsunoru omoi ni
Oh sekaijuu no dare yori kitto hateshinai sono
Zutto dakishimete itai kisetsu wo koete itsu demo

Kotoba no owari wo itsumademo sagashite iru
Kimi no manazashi tooku mitsumeteta
Sou honki no kazu dake namida miseta kedo
Yurushite agetai kagayaki wo

Sekaijuu no dare kitto yasashii kimochi ni naru
Mezamete hajimete kidzuku hakanai ai ni
Oh sekaijuu no dare kitto mune ni hibiku kodou wo
Zutto dakishimete itai kisetsu wo koete itsu demo
Zutto dakishimete itai kisetsu wo koete itsu demo

of course...my favourite is still the Cantonese duet shared by Mag...titled "唯獨你是不可取替" performed by Sammi Cheng and Andy Hui....the way these "ex-couple" (or lovers) sang to one another, with their eyes fixed onto one another...just so...romantic....*hee*
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