Jin Siew (jinsiew) wrote,
Jin Siew

In Whom I Can Trust

heard this song being sung in church this morning, and it just touched me so deeply...thanks Esther for the lyrics...the only video i can find in youtube being shared for this old song was the one being sung by the primary students during one of the Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary school orientations....better than nothing for me :p

You are the Lord in whom I can trust
You are the Rock I can stand upon
Every step of the way, You take my hand and say
You will always be here right beside me
When I call on You I know You'll come to me.

You are my Lord in whom I can trust
You are my fortress You're my deliverer
My shield my strength
For all of my days, my hope is in You Jesus
You loved me with Your life
The Rock of my salvation
In whom I can trust

Tags: god, song lyrics, video

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