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grade 4 violin exam ~ La Cumparsita

gabe is learning the grade 4 exam pieces...and i am going crazy with one of them, La Cumparsita by Gerardo Matos Rodrígue....even gabe loves the song himself!! but according to ming, he was struggling with learning it the normal "notes reading" way...but after having listened to the CD and attempting to follow it...he made great improvement...just proves that this boy does not know how to read notes, i dunno how he is going to do his sight reading....one thing we realised, he actually can pick up learning a new song he loves pretty fast....

i was personally so inspired by the song, went to youtube and found ALOT of material...for our reference and gabe to be inspired, hopefully...

ABRSM high scorer concert

this one is good to show to gabe, great angle from where this video was taken, can see the strokes and the fingers clearly, how to do this vibrating thing etc.

the pro!! 寺井尚子 ラ・クンパルシータ Naoko Terai La Cumparsita

and of course...cannot have this song, without the TANGO!!
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