Jin Siew (jinsiew) wrote,
Jin Siew

Daisy's Song ~ Dominic Balli

Daisy's Song...beautifully, written for Daisy Love by Dominic Balli....

resting and safe, free of pain in Jesus' loving arms... thank you, sweet angel, for the many life lessons that i have, and am still learning, from your journey, through all the suffering that you and your family have endured... i don't know you personally, but watching the memorial and listening to all the sharing in celebration of your beautiful life on earth, tears just could not stop itself from flowing...


thank you, for reminded me, to be thankful for all that i have been gifted, given, to love the 2 angels gifted to me from Daddy God...to enjoy each moment like as if it is the last, to smell their hair, soak in their smile, their softness and loveliness.... be thankful.

When that storm comes like a hurricane
And the sun seems far away
We will not fear the wind
We will not fear the waves
I can feel your calm within
When this life is shaken by raging seas
We are not gonna be afraid
So if you walk on waves and wind
Then hold my hand and I'll walk again

This love is stronger than the blood that beats my heart
This love is deeper than the pain of all these scars
This love goes farther than the hope in answer's arms
This love is stronger
It's strong enough for me

You lived our sorrows befriended all our pain
All that we might rise again
You stole my sickness rested in my disease
All that I might rest in thee
And you alone bring healing and for you I'll wait
But we are not gonna be afraid
So if you walk on waves and wind
Then hold my hand and I'll walk again

We may be crushed but we are not ever forsaken
We may be struck down but we are not ever destroyed
Then when that fire comes to shine through me your glory
We are not gonna be afraid
Tags: god, prayers and thanksgiving, song lyrics, video

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