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more excuses to eat snakes...god i hope none of my colleagues (and boss, esp. boss) ever find my LJ...hehehe...

stole the following from americanidol just too funny!!

Dave Letterman's top 10 list:

Top Ten Questions I Asked Myself Before Casting My "American Idol" Vote

10. "Is this really the best way for a 57-year-old man to be spending his time?"
9. "Will I have the courage to speak if Paula answers the phone?"
8. "If I can call my TV, can I also call my toaster?"
7. "How much longer will my heart be able to stand this excitement?"
6. "Is it wrong to vote for Fantasia simply because that's my middle name?"
5. "What would Jesus do?"
4. "Have I finally hit rock bottom?"
3. "Do I really want to risk the same heartbreak I suffered when Clay lost?"
2. "Why does my phone smell like baked beans?"
1. "Would I vote differently if I were sober?"

Dave Letterman's list never fails to crack me up...i am trying to look for the list he had for Jennifer Hudson when she was unjustly voted off...

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