Jin Siew (jinsiew) wrote,
Jin Siew

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why do i torture myself this way..

i still frequent the website and updates of Allie Scott's mother, even after the little baby girl has passed away from laukemia...dunno why i keep torturing myself by reading her updates on how the parents are coping with the loss of their little baby...and from there i come across another blog and website of another little girl, only 22 months old, named Hayley...who is now fighting a losing battle with the disease...it is just so scary and heartbreaking to know that there are so many more children and babies out there who are battling with this horrible disease....i know it is strange to ask people to pray for strangers...people we dun even know...but please do remember these kids in your prayers...even if it is just a short prayer...for little Hayley's comfort...and if possible at all...a miracle healing...

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