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Endless Discovery International Skoool

found out about a childcare in the east side of the island named "Endless Discovery International Skoool". Website: http://edi.jp-schools.com

this childcare cum pre-school was setup by a new friend, one of my IT course instructors :) who said he must keep himself busy...and his full time work as an instructor was not keeping him busy enough, which was why he partner with another friend and setup this c/c...

he showed me the web-cam, which required login and only for parents...very cool!! as he is IT savy...his web-cams are setup such that if any particular parent want to see his/her kid in closer view, all the parent had to do is to give the center a call and they will arrange to zoom in for them...and the pictures very smooth!!

the fee is very reasonable and attractive too....he said he started off low, only $350 (subsidized) and they have the policy such that even when they increase the fee eventually, the existing students do not pay any extra/additional...i.e. no adjustment!!

do check them out for anyone staying at the east!! man...i keep asking him when is he expanding his c/c business to the west or better still somewhere in the city closer to work!! hehehe....yeah....i'm dreaming....mabbe i should consider moving to the east instead :D hmmmm.....better not give ming a heart attack....

i have been wanting to write an entry on how we spent our new year eve....and about new year....so lazy....keep procrastinating on it....mabbe tonight...
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